Pay With Peloton



Leave your banking platform in the dust with the Peloton Portal and its perfected payments system. With extensive electronic funds transfer support and credit card acceptance, sending and receiving funds is simple and straightforward.

Stop writing cheques

Write, sign, mail, courier, wait, repeat. How long have you waited for co-signatures or stood in line to deposit a cheque? With the Peloton Portal you can be free. Transfer funds from one account to the other, and with digital multi-party approvals, keep every payment accountable, fully trackable and auditable. 

Less Clicks

How many times do you have to type the same thing over and over to get a payment done. Stop and reduce error. No more double entries. No more files to shuffle… or export… or upload… With the Peloton Portal’s accounting system integration, manage one, or multiple clients, quickly and easily – every invoice & bill will be there with a single click.

Save Time

Control your day and never forget to process a payment again with the ability to schedule recurring transactions or pre-set single payments. The Peloton Portal makes setting up payments easy so you can take back your time and focus on the rest of your business.

With full PCI Level 1 compliance and lifetime support, you can be assured that we’ve got your back. 

With one place to handle all of your payment activities, the Peloton Portal saves you time while simplifying your workflow. No more remembering different logins, or having to juggle multiple systems – the Peloton Portal does it all for you.

Packages to suit your needs

Free Domestic Transfers
Customers & Vendors
Multi-party Approvals
Secure bank
account storage
Schedule payments
Credit Card processing
Credit Card A/R
Secure PCI Level 1
credit card storage
Lifetime support
during business hours


Everything you need


per month, paid annually
$29 month-to-month


$0.50 per additional domestic funds transfer
$5 per US funds transfer
$15 per wire transfer

Podium Plus

Ultimate control with credit cards


per month, paid annually
$59 month-to-month


Card processing at 2.8% + 10c
+1% for foreign cards
$20 per additional merchant account per month

*30 day free trial includes funds transfers only @ $2/transaction

About Us

We are Peloton Technologies Inc, we don’t ride bikes or drive transport trucks. Perfecting Payments is what we do.

Victoria, B.C, Canada
 1-800-723-8108 ext 202